Critical Applications Across Various Enterprises

medical_investment casting

Our products are used in a variety of medical applications, including patient handling equipment and other devices.

aerospace_investment casting

We have extensive experience in producing a wide range of investment casting parts for aerospace applications that meet strict industry standards such as valves, mounts, aircraft fluid management and hydraulic fluid system components.

We have capability to meet demands by offering a wide range of defense and tactical optics casing with highest quality standards.

We are able to provide a broad array of products for offshore oil drilling platforms, drilling equipment and oil
transportation systems.

Our wide range of capabilities allow us to provide a variety of ship, boat and other marine parts to our clients.

commercial_investment casting

We supply components for a variety of commercial applications including food processing systems and heavy machinery.

Unlimited Applications

The above are just a small example of industries that our products and services are being used. The potential use cases for the products we can develop and manufacture for you are virtually limitless. Explore the possibilities by communicating with us. We can make it happen.

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