1. What are the advantages of working with Irwin Co., Ltd. as a one-stop solution provider?

Our main goal is to act as our client’s in-house manufacturing team in Taiwan where we take care of the product from product development, mass production, QC to shipment consolidation.

Irwin has a strong supply chain and an extensive experience managing complicated production schedules and parts. As a result, we have close ties with different manufacturing entities from lost wax investment casting, gravity casting to sand casting with different kinds of surface treatments. We offer one-stop solution and act as your Asian office to support your business growth.



2. How does Irwin Co., Ltd. keep up with the latest trends and innovations in the industry?

Irwin and our supply chain partners are all fully aware of the change in our surrounding business environment. We observe an increase in emphasis on ESG practices while maintaining efficiency. Our production partners have implemented more environmentally friendly production methods and also have invested resources toward the integration of cutting-edge robotics and automation technologies, aiming to streamline processes and enhance overall efficiency. This step not only aligns with commitment to ESG principles but also be agile and competitive in an ever-evolving industrial landscape.



3. What are some of the successful projects or cases that Irwin Co., Ltd. has completed or participated in?

One of our clients initially manufactured all of their products in house in their US factory. Within the diverse range of product lines, a product line proves to be more time intensive and difficult to scale even though there was large growth potential. We helped scaled said production line from creating a second alternative source of production in Taiwan to alleviate production constraints. With the secondary production location, client was able to scale quickly without further capital investment while still able to continue to capture a larger market share. We continue to work and grow with this client even to this day and we are appreciative of this partnership.